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4 Ways to Increase Tithing in Your Church

Tithes are a crucial element to the financial well-being of a church and emphasize the act of giving. The more that members participate in the offering, the more church leaders can also work to fulfill the church missions rather than stability of finances. Here are four ways you can create a positive giving cycle and increase tithing in your church.

Educate on Giving

It’s important to create a culture centered around giving and to build upon this foundation. Church leaders can use sermons, classes and biblical readings to teach the community basic giving principles and help members understand the impact tithing can have. Teaching younger members of the community the significance of giving and encouraging youth participation in the offering can work towards a positive long-term impact in the community as well.

It is also a responsibility of the church to further education by helping church members stay involved with activities that emphasize giving and contribution from the community. Activities such as fundraising events allow members to become more closely involved in the growth of their community, understand the impact of their gifts and increase the likelihood of future donations or asking others to participate.

Communicate the Needs of Giving in the Church

Church leaders should be transparent with their community about how they are managing church finances. Leaders should specifically share how church giving funds are being used and create an open dialogue about where there are needs financially.

It could be beneficial to share budget information and even issue statements monthly, quarterly or annually to make the community aware of what expenses the ministry does have and what impact the community’s generosity can make. Members that understand how the church is operating with their funds and have trust in their leaders are more likely to give an offering as well as provide support to their congregation should struggles arise.

Ask for Commitment

Churches rely heavily on their church members for financial support. It’s essential churches speak to the responsibility members have to keep their ministry strong.

Church leaders can keep their members motivated by holding a giving campaign at least once a year and asking members to make their commitment to the church for weekly or monthly tithes. Pledge cards can be used to record the giving commitment of church members and hold members accountable to their pledge.

Make Tithing Easy

It’s simple – the easier it is to give, the more willing regular churchgoers or even visitors will be to tithe. To simplify the process of tithing for your church members, here are a few considerations:

Church offering envelopes and envelope books.

By customizing your offering envelopes, you can engage your community one step further by designing envelopes that meet the specifications of your church and even include small memos and scripture within the design. Loose tithing envelopes can also be placed in the back of the church or within a pew for convenience.

Consider mobile sites or online giving portals to accompany traditional tithing methods.

Though many churchgoers prefer to stick to modern traditions and bring a tangible offering, some may prefer the convenience of an online method for tithing. Providing both options allows church members to choose which giving method works best for them and could increase tithing in your church when there are more than one accessible ways to give back.

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