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Convenient for collecting donations during holidays and special occasions at your church

Our Special Occasion Envelopes provide your congregation with an easy way to go above and beyond for holidays and special funds. Special Occasion Envelopes are often placed in the back of a pew for donations during the church holidays. You can also look at options for inserting special envelopes into your offering envelope book.

Special Occasion Envelopes are available in stock options for immediate shipment. Envelopes can also be customized to your church holidays and special events.


We have a number of special funds/holidays from which to choose:

  • Advent
  • All Saints Day
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Building Fund/Improvement
  • Christmas
  • Christmas Flowers
  • Communion
  • Easter
  • Easter Flowers
  • Good Friday
  • Lenten
  • Love Offering
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Memorial Gift For: ______
  • Palm Sunday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Special Offering


Stock Special Occasion Envelopes are $ 0.0536 per envelope ($53.60 per 1000) with a minimum order size of 500. 

For a one time charge of $25.00, you can also customize an envelope design for your church or organization.