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Envelope Books Quickly and Affordably.

Fast, Affordable and Still Really Fabulous

Less expensive than our custom offerings, our pre-printed books still provide all the great benefit of our Envelope Books and are ready to be shipped immediately.

OneWrite Offers Two Styles of Envelope Books for Stock Books:

Both styles provide the following features:

  • 52 weekly envelopes
  • 4 special occasion envelopes (Initial Offering, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas)
  • Perpetual dating (Jan 1st Sunday, Jan 2nd Sunday, etc.)
  • Numbered books (numbers cannot be changed as product is pre-printed)
  • Full color cover
  • Stub that remains after envelope is detached. Keeps a running total of contributions.
  • Thumb notch on the back of the envelope for easy opening.

A. Full Size Offering Envelope ($1.40 per book)
(3 5/8” x 7”)

This is our primary envelope style, designed to be brought to church and placed in the offering.

B. Small Size Offering Envelope ($1.18 per book)
(3 5/8” x 3 1/2”)

This is our smallest and most economical offering envelope. Checks and currency must be folded once in order to fit within the envelope pocket.