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Why Traditional Print Donation Methods are a Great Addition to Online Giving

When it comes to church giving, are print envelopes or website portals better? The answer is: neither one is “better” than the other. Both present an opportunity for organizations to bring in funds in the method they prefer. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to give!

Of course, there is no disputing the fact that online giving continues to increase in popularity. According to data by Nonprofit Source, 60% of churchgoers are willing to give online, and churches that accept online tithes see an average 32% increase in giving. But a large portion of American churchgoers still use traditional print envelopes. Giving up on them would undoubtedly make many of your congregants feel left behind.


Print envelopes serve as a tangible a reminder to give each week, and also a convenient way to obtain information that can be used to create members’ contribution statements. Similar to the difference between a paper book and a tablet, or a credit card and cash, print envelopes can provide a more “satisfying” giving experience, rather than an automated online transaction.

Manually filling out an offering envelope creates teachable moments for your children. It shows them your commitment to giving, and encourages them to tithe, too. Not to mention that if your children are tithers, it is probably easier for them to give with cash rather than from a bank account – many children tithe from a weekly allowance!

Online giving is a great asset for younger and/or more tech-savvy church members, especially during times of low attendance (like inclement weather or mid-summer); but a clear, easy-to-manage envelope system is a tool your church simply shouldn’t be without and sustains modern traditions of the church.


Keep in mind that offering envelope books don’t have to be the standard run of the mill product. They can be customized with unique sizes, fonts, logos, and information requirements. One Write even extends the act of giving in our community through offering books for children!

Your church members will appreciate that you care about their preferred methods of giving. Having a well-rounded giving system will keep your church current with online giving. Attractive and organized giving envelopes and books will keep members who tithe in-person on top of their giving schedule, even during times that are inconvenient.