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Modern Traditions

We’re not gonna lie: for a very brief period of time, we thought technology might spell the end of the Envelope Book. With more and more church members giving online, we wondered if the old-fashioned paper envelope would survive.

What we discovered surprised us! Traditionalists are alive and well, and come in all ages and denominations. They tell us there’s something really satisfying about filling out an envelope, writing out a check or sliding in a bill, and then placing the gift in the offering tray. In a modern world that moves incredibly fast, the act of slowing down and being deliberate fulfills their souls in a way tithing digitally can’t.

A lot of people told us they also like the example they’re setting for their children. When kids see their parents or grandparents filling out an envelope and personally making their offering, they get excited to do the same. Our children’s Envelope Books are a great introduction to giving, handling money, and keeping financial records.

If you’re a Traditionalist, we think you’ll love the way our Envelope Books help you keep everything together. It’s a modern-day way to keep giving the way you like best.