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The Book that Banishes “I forgot!”

Did you remember to tithe online? I forgot!  Did you remember to bring our envelopes? I forgot!  Did you search for the envelope box in the desk drawer? … You get the idea.

Nothing gets in the way of giving like forgetting…what you did with the envelopes, where you saw them last, whether you used next week’s envelope last week by mistake and now can’t remember if you gave at all…the list goes on.

Our Envelope Books were made for life’s “I forgot” moments. Small enough to fit inside a glove compartment, bible case or handbag, it’s impossible to forget to bring it along because it’s already with you. Perfectly bound in date order, it’s impossible to forget if you gave the week before because an envelope gone means an envelope given. And the running balance can be filled out in real time so you never forget exactly when or how much you gave.

Turn “I forgot” into “I’ve got it!” and never be a forgetter again.