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What Are Offering Envelopes and Why Should You Use Them?

Many churches rely on offering envelopes as a vehicle for funding. While there are certainly modern-day giving methods, using offering envelopes for tithes has been a long-standing tradition that still offers many benefits. Find out what offering envelopes are, how they are used and reasons why your church should utilize them.

What Are Offering Envelopes?

Offering envelopes, also known as tithing envelopes, are paper envelopes used to collect donations or tithes from church members or even non-profit organization donors. Offering envelopes provide many benefits such as convenience, privacy, or serving as a donation reminder. More importantly, they’re a clear staple in supporting finances.

How Are Offering Envelopes Used?

Offering envelope books are ideal for weekly or monthly churchgoers and can be customized to match the specifications of a church. With 52 weekly envelopes provided within a book, a church member can keep a running total of contributions throughout the year.

Many churches may choose to store loose envelopes in the pews of a church. This can be ideal for church visitors or members whom may have forgotten their own envelopes and still want to participate in the tithe. Loose envelopes can additionally be used within bulletins or for other fundraising events, such as giving campaigns.

Reasons to Use Offering Envelopes

Churches that are fully funded by donations need to find ways to not only appeal to donors, but ensure resources are best used to prompt donations on an ideal cadence. These are a few reasons why offering envelopes help drive your members to give.


Offering envelopes serve as a physical reminder of the financial responsibility members have to the church. Outside of directly asking your community for donations, using offering envelopes as a donation method is a great call-to-action and keeps the concept of giving in front of donors, whether it’s at a weekly service or fundraising event.

donation consistency

When offering envelopes are incorporated into the giving method of a church community, members are prompted and more likely to give on a consistent basis. The more members take advantage of envelopes and feel accountable to give, the more the church can count on the likelihood of donations.

Support the Future of the Church

Leaders that teach the act and habit of giving are only securing the future of their ministry. Using contribution products on a consistent basis can help drive donations and increase a willingness to give so that your church community is be financially sound.

Many church leaders may also consider incorporating youth offering envelopes into a contribution method. This can be a great education tool for children to understand their commitment to the church early on and what an impact gifts make to the community. Tithing habits are more likely to continue through adulthood.

Offering envelopes provide many benefits for supporting church funding. To learn how One Write can help your church contribution methods, contact One Write or request a quote for our offering envelopes today.