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3 Ways Tithing Envelopes Can Benefit Your Church

Online giving statistics reveal that close to 50% of tithers donate via a credit or debit card, while the other 50% has continued modern traditions by giving with cash or check. Electronic systems simply can’t replace the satisfaction people feel when labeling a paper envelope and inserting cash or writing out a check.

With half of the American church qualified to benefit from tithing envelopes, churches are wise to offer well-designed envelopes to their members and guests.


What are Tithing Envelopes?

Tithing envelopes, also referred to as offering envelopes, are paper envelopes that church members use to give tithes or extra donations to their churches. They are ideal for members who give to their churches on a weekly or monthly basis. Examples of information that tithing envelopes can include are:

Beyond that, some creative touches can include inspirational Scripture verses or quotes, and extra lines for prayer requests.


Why Are Offering Envelopes Needed? Three Benefits for Your Church


1. Organization of church member’s finances

Practicing good organization can simplify life and leave you with a clear head. When your tithing routine is organized, you are less likely to skip a week or lose track of your donations. It is also easier to report your donations for tax deductions.

2. Envelopes give members a sense of privacy and security

If someone is reliably using envelopes to deliver their tithe, rather than donating online, there is a good chance they also are a slow adopter of online transactions that involve personal and/or financial information. Tithing envelopes offer consistency and peace of mind for those who aren’t yet comfortable with online giving.

3. Envelopes keep members connected

Aside from offering envelopes being helpful for people to stay consistent with their giving, they can double as a source of information on upcoming events or newsworthy items. Church leaders can get creative with the information they include on their tithing envelopes, and in so doing, maximize the value and return on their envelopes.


One Write Company Tithing Envelopes and Books

One Write Company offers tithing envelopes and books for a variety of needs and price ranges, including for children.

Stock offering envelopes are the ideal choice for church leaders looking at lower-cost options. They feature the necessary elements, are pre-printed and ship quickly. A suitable place for these envelopes is on the back of church pews, so those who may not carry their own offering envelopes can easily utilize.

If your church prefers customizing your offering envelopes specifically to your church, custom offering envelope books can be created through three select styles.

Nonprofits all around the country also still find offering envelopes in direct mailings to be highly effective for soliciting donations. Churches and nonprofits alike benefit from envelopes that streamline monthly and weekly giving systems and special project donation.

The key is to make it as easy as possible for people to give in the way that they are most comfortable! Cover your bases through not only online portals, but well-designed offering envelopes and books.

For more information on One Write’s contribution products, contact One Write or request a quote today.