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3 Easy Ways to Thank Your Church Donors

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year to thank donors for their contributions to your church. For many, donations lie at the heart of a healthy and financially stable ministry, so it’s important to show your donors appreciation for support. Here are a few ways to thank your donors during the holiday season and year-round.

Write a Thank You Note

A hand-written note can go a long way. For church members that take time to tithe weekly or even pledge long-term giving commitments, making your note personal can help donors feel their gifts are acknowledged. Your donors have made a choice to support your church community, so taking additional time to say thanks in a letter can validate donors giving and encourage future contributions.

Share a Giving Success Story

Those who give back on a weekly or monthly basis to your church want transparency on both how their funds are being utilized to better the church physically, and how supporting the ministry has made an impact to others. Share with your donors exactly what impact their gifts have had on your community and members. How many baptisms into the church have you had this year? What were the highlights of a recent mission trip or fundraising event? A few instances you may want to consider sharing the success of your church include:

Church service

During or following your church service can be a natural time to share updates with your members on what impact fundraising events or offerings have made to the church. It can also be a time to teach the act of giving to your members through readings or sermons, and share what value giving back can bring to a community or individual.

End-of-year contribution statements

Though year-end contribution statements are required for churches to state the amount of donations received, for donor tax purposes, and to share what goods or services may have been provided by the church in return for contribution, it is also a time to provide further details about your success to donors.

Use your end-of-year statement to share specifics around exactly what a donor’s generosity was able to provide to the church community, service, or members of the church. Be sure to also share what genuine gratitude your church has for their support to make this possible.

remittance envelopes

Many churches utilize remittance envelopes to appeal to donors and encourage donations. However, your envelopes can and should encompass more than just an attractive design.

Churches can utilize space within your remittance envelopes or appeal letter to share exactly what a donor’s contributions will help support, highlight other donors that have made a significant impact, and share other positive stories of the church. Your donors want to hear from others and feel a part of the church mission. Before sending your next remittance envelope to a current or potential donor, remember the benefits of sharing success and what contributing to success can bring.

Recognize and Reward Your Donors

Your donors support does so much for your church, it can be meaningful to recognize them publicly or reward your donors with a celebration. Especially at the end of year, your donors will appreciate if your church leaders celebrate them by throwing a party or sharing in a meal together.

Public recognition during a service or at a fundraising event can also help show donors how much you value their contribution. This reinforces the concept of giving and the impact of doing so for potential donors and current members of the church.

Regardless of which ways you choose to show your donors appreciation, taking additional time to show your gratitude helps your donors feel loved by the community and part of your ministry.



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