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How to Use Pledge and Welcome Cards to Increase Engagement in Your Church

Summer is a favorite time of year for many, but its accompanying activities and vacations tend to cause church attendance to drop. Wise planning can help you maintain numbers or even increase them as we approach the summer months. Two items that lend themselves very well to church engagement are pledge cards and welcome cards.


Pledge Cards: Great for Giving

Pledge cards are used for church members to write down their giving commitments. They are commonly used in fundraising campaigns (sometimes called stewardship campaigns), or as part of an extra offering above and beyond the weekly tithe.

Pledge items are specifically for regular attendees rather than church visitors, and stand as a physical commitment for churchgoers to stand by their hand-written pledge.


Welcome Cards: Encourage Newcomers to Return

Welcome cards are, as the name suggests, cards that make new attendees feel welcomed and give direction on how to become connected. Information can include service times, the current sermon series, upcoming events, and more.

The welcome card is also a key place to collect contact information of newcomers. A successful welcome card must limit the number of lines the visitor is required to complete. Find a balance between explaining clearly what you want the person to do, while asking for as little of their information as possible. Here are some field suggestions:

You’ll want to avoid requiring a new church visitor to make any sort of commitment on the card, inquire whether they will become a permanent member, or ask if they are interested in volunteering.

However, for frequent churchgoers, welcome cards can be used to keep your current members engaged in the latest news and events to maintain involvement in the community.


Let One Write Help Keep Attendance and Giving Cohesive

Offering pledge and welcome cards with inviting designs and clear call-to-actions may improve the results of your next pledge campaign or drive interest in your congregation. One Write has a gallery of pre-designed pledge and welcome cards to help guide you in the process, or the designs can be entirely customizable!

By keeping cards friendly, simple, and instructive, you will encourage new attendees to eventually become members and faithful givers to pledge their commitment to the church.


One Write helps churches go beyond the weekly offering by allowing you to get to know potential new members and introduce the church to visitors. To learn more about One Write pledge and welcome cards, contact One Write or request a quote today.