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The One Write Light Fund

Inspiring the spirit of giving is not only our mission, it’s the way we live. We believe in giving in every aspect of our business, whether that means giving our best service to our customers, giving our all to our employees, or regularly giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Our One Write Light Fund was created in 2009 to inspire our corporate family to give as they are called. One Write sets aside a portion of its annual profits to be used for charitable contributions, but rather than earmark the money for one specific cause, we leave it to each of our individual employees to choose the recipients they most wish to help. We recognize that we all come from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs, and we want all of our employees to choose the groups or individuals that speak to them personally. Each employee is responsible for designating up to $500 annually to the group or individual of their choosing in order to feel a closer connection to the lives they are impacting.

And because we consider our customers to be part of our spiritual family, we always ask that they make requests when they see a need in their own communities. Each request will be thoughtfully reviewed and gifts will be made based on funds available and the information provided.